What pressure delivery pump will I need?

What type of delivery pump will I need? What type of delivery pump will I need?
You will need a delivery pump to transfer your water from your vehicle tank through your hose and up your pole.

We have found that Flojet pumps are very reliable. You have the choice of either 60 or 100 psi pumps to choose from. These are both on demand pumps so when you unplug or turn your pole off the pumps stops. This is ideal for using with a flow control valve. The 60 psi pump is ideal for single pole applications with most lengths of microbore hose. The 100 psi pump is suitable for use with all two pole systems with either matched or mismatched hose lengths, such as 2 x 100 metres or 1 x 100 metres and 1 x 60 metres.

These pumps run off of 12volts and can be wired into your vehicles system with a suitable switch or to a separate battery feed.

To see which rating pump you will need and how to match it to your setup then read the section below.

Another make of pump that is very popular is Shurflo.©

For any other questions or enquiries about setting up or using a pole system please give one of our advisors a call on 01726 66400 during office hours of 9 am - 5 pm or email us using the email tab on the left.

How to match the Pump with your Hose setup How to match the Pump with your Hose setup
Matching Pump to Hose to Jets.

This is a simple technique which means that you couple together the right specification products to match the output of the pump.

Basically the following setups will be matched allowing you to use just the pump with no form of electronic switching control or external bypass system.

Flojet 60psi pump, with 60 metres of Microbore, 6mm ID pole hose and twin 2mm jets.

Flojet 100psi pump, with 1 or 2x 100 meters or 2x 60 meters of Microbore, 6mm ID pole hose and twin 2mm jets.

Both of the above set-ups will provide a perfect flow rate for WFP work. By either using a control valve on the pole or the end-stop on the hose you will be able activate the pressure switch on the pump when you wish to stop the water flow.

Once you have set-up your system as above you will then be able to 'fine-tune' the pressure switch on your pump (this is not always needed). On the Flojet pump you will need to remove the square plastic cover from over the 2 orange leads, in between the connectors you will see another cross head screw. This screw controls the sensitivity of the pressure switch, tightening the screw increases the pressure at which the pump switches off, loosening the screw will lower the pressure at which the pump switches off. To see if you need to adjust this screw plug your hose reel in (both if using 2) and connect your pole (both if using 2) turn on the pole flow and the pump will start pumping. Turn off your pole flow and if the pump turns off within 1-5 seconds then you do not need to adjust it, if it takes longer then you will need to gradually loosen the screw so that it turns off within 1-5 seconds. Turn on your pole flow again and the pump should start again, now you will need to check that you have not reduced the pressure switch by too much. Your pump should be running constantly with the pole flow on if it cycles (turns on and off every so often) then the switch is set too low and will need tightening gradually. Using this method will ensure that your pump and switch are set to match your system. This will not need doing with all set-ups as some pumps/pressure switches will fit your system set-up as standard.©

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